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I love television: Psych, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Community, Bob's Burgers, Shameless, Friends, The Middle, Scrubs, The New Normal, Parks&Rec, Supernatural.

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It’s good to have someone around who understands the way I think, the way I talk, the way I act.. that’s why I think the bond is so close between me and Philip Lawrence.


- Barafundle Bay!
- Actually, do you know what? This isn’t the one I was thinking of…

Third Star [2010] 

 ”It’s always fun being snogged by Billie Piper”
 ”Screen kisses? I love them. Especially when with David”

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"He’s upset because we just saw some guy get shot in the face."


Sherlock meme

↝ eight quotes (4/8): I could go on all night about the depth and complexity of his jumpers.

"Olaf is my favorite character, I think, fifty percent because of what they can do with him physically as being a snowman, because any time you can have a character that can visually fall apart, that you can put through a wood chipper and he still comes out alive, it’s great for a Disney movie, because he always survives." —Kristen Bell