Lexie, 21, Hufflepuff.

I love television: Psych, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Sleepy Hollow, Community, Bob's Burgers, Shameless, Friends, The Middle, Scrubs, The New Normal, Parks&Rec, Supernatural.

I live a Neil Flynn appreciation life at fuckyeahneilflynn.tumblr.com :]



"Fuckers, don’t laugh! You motherfuckers."

Parks and Recreation + TV Tropes | Scenery Porn
“Scenery porn is the emphasis on luscious backgrounds with great detail, lovely lighting or both. It means that the makers put in extra effort for something that might not have direct influence on the plot. Of course, there are extra points to be earned when the scenery actually enhances the plot in some sort of symbolic fashion.”